Signing up for a 40 Days yoga challenge

40 Days to Your Personal Revolution | Batpiste Yoga Challenge
I’ve been practicing Baptiste yoga for about two years now, but I had yet to sign up for a 40 Days. (For the uninitiated, 40 Days to Personal Revolution is an intense 40-day (duh) program that involves six days a week of yoga, mindful eating, and meditation.) The studio would host them about twice a year, and while I was interested, I was always training for a race or something and didn’t want to overdo it.

But the last time I passed up the sign-up sheet I decided was going to be just that – the last time. No matter what, I’d be a part of the next 40 Days. So when I saw that Big, the yoga studio I attend and I’m semi-obsessed with, was hosting a 40 Days starting a day after the Houston Marathon I signed up immediately. Sure, starting a 40-day yoga challenge starting the day after your first marathon is a bit much, but in honor of the much-uttered Baptist yoga mantra “you are ready now” signing up seemed like the only thing to do. A few weeks later, I was pleasantly surprised to discover my sister had already started a similar program at her yoga studio in Chicago.

The program is rooted in the teachings of Baron Baptiste and relies on his book, “40 Days to Personal Revolution.” It’s kind of like a retreats meets a workout program. You’re required to yoga in the studio five days a week, attend a meeting once a week, do readings, participate in a mindful eating challenge and meditate twice a day. Big breaks everyone up into teams, so I’m apart of the Catalyst team.

40 Days to your Personal Revolution | Baptiste Yoga Challenge

I didn’t have much of an intention going into this. Mostly see what all the fuss was about, meet some new people — nothing that really sounds good when your hands are folded in prayer and you’re about to chant “om.” So to make it sound better, my official intention was to be curious and embrace every part of the experience. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Have you ever participated in a 40 Days program? How’d it go?

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