Phablet problems

After dropping and shattering my phone screen (I’m not kidding. Shattering is the only word to accurately describe what happened.), I got a new phone. It’s great. The battery lasts forever. It’s waterproof. And pictures look cool on it’s giant, non-cracked screen.

Which brings me to it’s one problem, it’s huge. There was no way it was going to fit into an arm band. Or on my arm for that matter. But I consider my phone pretty essential for most runs. I don’t listen to music (I know, I’m a weirdo.) but since I run early or long, or early and long, I like to have it for safety reasons.

So I wound up using a SPISPIbeltbelt. It’s perfect. My phone fits and once I get going it stays in place. I’m typically pretty easily irritated while running. (Basically, I’m always looking for an excuse to take a break) but after the first few steps I usually forget that the SPIbelt is there. Problem solved.

I also love the story behind the product. The company founder, Kim Overton, created the belt because she was sick of keeping her key in her bra (because we can all agree that that is awkward). Bonus points because the company is based in Austin.

And in other recent life news, balancing running, workouts and 40 days yoga is a little rough. To be honest, I’ve missed a couple runs, (one was due to weather). I’m not too sore, just a little more tired than usual.



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