40 Days to Your Personal Revolution yoga warp-up

40 Days Baptist yoga challenge Week 6

The 40 Days program is over I started back in January at Big is coming to a close. I’ve attended 28 yoga classes, six home practices and six meetings. I’ve spent probably two hours meditating. And probably more time than that thinking about how I should be meditating more. I’ve done more loads of laundry than I care to think about.

All that, and now that it’s over I have this to report: It didn’t change my life.

Well, at least from the outside.

But for me that’s a good thing. I feel like I’m in a place where I’ve finally got my shit together. Looking back, I can see the many places in in my life where 40 Days would have made a huge transformation that everyone can see. But that’s not what I needed or wanted from this 40 Days.

I’m pretty happy with the way things are.What I wanted from 40 days was the tools to keep it that way, to keep going successfully down the path I’m on. It gave me that. The readings and groups meetings helped give me new ways to look at situations, achieve my goals and to relate to others.

It did the same thing for my yoga practice. I can’t really do any fancy poses that I couldn’t do before 40 Days began. I can’t do dragonfly pose or even headstand. That wasn’t my expectation going into it. But some things have changed. My warrior ones are stronger. My utkatasanas, or chair pose, are a little bit lower. My wheels, or backbends, are a little higher. And my breath – which has always been a challenge for me – is a little bit deeper and a little more steady. So I guess in a way, it was kinda life changing.

Have you done a 40 Days program before? If so, what changed for you?


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