Stronger = faster


When I first started running I was not into cross-training. I thought the best way to become a better runner was to just keep running. But in reality that’s a good way to become an injured runner.

Eventually, I added a yoga practice into the mix. It made a HUGE difference. I became stronger, more flexible and more focused. But I still had some pretty big muscle disparities to make up for, so I’ve added more strength training into the mix.

These days, two or three times I week I head to the gym to use a few weight machines, practice planking (I hold it for two minutes three times for a total of six minutes. It is not easy.), do some Bosu ball squats, maybe some lunges and 15-20 minutes of rowing.

Weights, machines and the gym in general really aren’t my thing, but I keep hearing that stronger equals faster, so I’m trying.

What kind of cross training do you do?


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