Run happy


When I started to see the blisters on the sides of my toes, I knew it was time for a pair of new shoes.

Having the right running shoes can make a huge difference, so a few months back when I got these shoes I went to a local running store for a fitting. There, I learned that I had been wearing a half size too small. I tired on a few pairs (that actually fit) and a specialist watched me run in them and helped me decide which ones I ran the strongest in. We narrowed it down to two pairs: Brooks Defyance 6 and the Ravenna 6. I decided to go with the Defyance. I bought two pairs and alternated them throughout marathon training.

This time I decided to give the Ravenna 6 a try. So far they’re fantastic. The shoes are somewhere in between neutral and support shoe, so they’re extra comfortable, but not too heavy. It promises ultimately adaptability and a faster heel to toe transition. I’ve taken a few seconds off my miles, although the jury’s still out on weather it’s the shoes or all those extra squats.


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