Different day, different run

Often, running is my favorite. I love the breeze it creates around me and the view of the sunrise. I love how it clears my head, and how in those moments nothing else matters but placing my right foot in front of left foot.

But other time, running just sucks. It really does. It is awful and difficult and at best just really sweaty.

This was the story of my week in running. Wednesday was perfect. After a long day at work, I rounded out five miles, each one faster than the next. But if you would have seen me struggling Saturday morning you wouldn’t have even believed that I was capable of that Wednesday night run. My legs were tired. It was hard to maintain motivation. And there didn’t really seem to be a clear reason for it.

This is what I really struggle with. I want every run to be my best run. To me, if I can run an 8:45 minute mile one day I should be able to do it every day.

But that’s not how running works. At least for me anyways. Sometimes running is just hard. But there’s always the next run.


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