If it’s not one thing, it’s another

I have to admit, running since the marathon, has well, hardly been running. Because I switched up my stride during the race, I irritated my left IT band and the pain is still lingering. In the days after the marathon, the outside of my knee ached, but by about Thursday it went away. Saturday morning, almost a full week later, I tried my first run. No go. The pain was back.

I was already going to physical therapy for my ankles and thanks to some strengthening exercises, they were better than ever. So now at I’m still doing some ankle work, but we’ve also thrown in some IT band stuff.

(For those of you who are lucky enough not to know, your IT band is the muscle that stretches from your knee to your hip on the side of your thigh. It often takes out it’s problems on your knee. A lot of runner’s knee can be attributed to IT band problems. You know it when you feel a grinding pain on the outside of your knee.)

I’m lucky I’m not injured. The muscle is just very, very tight. I’m trying to stay positive. But I have to admit it isn’t easy.  I actually do enjoy the therapy. I always learn something. With my ankles, it was an opportunity to correct some issues and to become stronger. In the meantime, I’m just impatiently waiting to get back to some pain-free running. Oh, and Scout’s helping.20160131_180949


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