One day to another


Things can change so quickly. Saturday’s workout was all about the work.  

Running was tough (thanks to a cranky IT band), and yoga afterward wasn’t any easier. It must have been about 100 degrees in that classroom.  

Lately, most of my runs had ended not because I was done, but because I had pretty much reached the point where any more was going to make things worse. I wanted to finish something. So on Sunday morning I hopped on my bike. And it wasn’t about the miles, it wasn’t about the pain. I could actually enjoy it and I could finish it.

After I met up with some friends for yoga. (Some day they will finish my neighborhood bike trail and I will be able to ride my bike to yoga. Some day.) One of Big’s Sunday classes features live music. The energy was great and it felt more like a party than a work out…well, a party with a lot of ab and glute work. Things change quickly. My workouts remind me that just because it’s hard one day doesn’t mean it will always stay that way.


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