Getting the most out of your cross-training

OK, so I know this headline promises information about cross-training, and I’ll get there, I promise. But first, a short PSA: Whole Foods now has zucchini noodles!! I know what you’re probably thinking. Aren’t those pretty easy to make? And yes, the are. But for those of us who are too lazy or just really don’t have room for one more gadget in the kitchen (or both), this is big news.


I tried them in this recipe and they’re pretty good. Not quite as filling as regular pasta, but pretty close. Oh, and it took about 10 minutes to make the whole dish (shrimp included). Fast and healthy? I’ll take it.  

Alright. Now back to cross-training. While my knee is getting better, it’s not 100% yet. I can run, but not as far as I’d like. To avoid ending my workout in frustrated defeat, I decided to switch from running to biking and using the elliptical.




I tend to get lazy on both machines, so I decided to use my heart-rate monitor as a motivator. I looked at my average heart rate on some runs and used that as the goal for my bike rides and elliptical workouts. (This article has some pretty helpful information on swapping out runs for the elliptical.) It wasn’t quite as great as running, but it was pretty close.



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