Rest day reading: Olympic trials edition

On Saturday, hundreds of runners will come together in LA for the Olympic Marathon Trials. (Here’s a little background, if you’re not familiar.)

Here’s who I’ll be following:

Kara Goucher. Kara Goucher is everyone’s running hero. She’s approachable, vulnerable, oh, and really freaking fast. Watching her incredible comeback is inspiring, and I hope she gets everything she’s worked so hard for. I dare you to read this article or watch this video and not become the biggest Kara fan.

Andrea Duke. (Yes, I’m a big fan of the Oiselle team.) Have you seen Andrea Duke’s Instagram? If you have, then you know what a bad ass she is. (Case in point.) If the photos aren’t enough, perhaps this article will convince you.

Becky Wade. This marathon prodigy lives and trains in Houston (much like yours truly, although she may be just a smidge faster). And some say training in the humidity is going to make her a top competitor.


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