Some notes on progress and patience


2016-02-12 12.03.29 2.jpg

My IT band is getting better, but it’s still not 100%…yet. (I’m starting to say this once a blog post.) It’s in these types of situations that I realize how impatient I really can be. Earlier this week I made some big progress. I ran 4 miles – my longest run since the marathon. I was thrilled. But I should have taken a rest after that.

When I headed out the next morning, my knee felt sore. After 3/4 of a mile, I turned back and walked to the car.

I was grateful my knee was starting to feel better and I really wanted it to continue getting better and better from there. But that’s not really how it works, not in running and not in much else. We all want to see consistent progress and improvement, and it so rarely works out that way.

The good news is the pt team I’ve been seeing and I are starting to zero in on the source of the pain. They tested my hips (This means they strap you to a machine while you do some leg lifts like a less glamorous Jane Fonda. The machine is hooked up to a computer, which can tell which muscles you’re using and which you aren’t and consequently which are weaker.) and found that my inner thighs are pretty weak.

So basically my IT band is sick of doing all the work and is on strike. Thanks to some painful deep tissue massages, most of my IT band is healed. Except for the part where it connects to my knee. Yesterday, we found a huge knot there. You could actually see it moving back and forth as they worked on it. I’m not even making that up. But the good news is once you discover the problem, you can work on it and it’ll get better. Even if it’s not as fast as you’d like.


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