On running recovery

This weekend I ran for the first time AND IT DIDN’T SUCK.

This was big for me. (As if the all caps wasn’t enough of a clue.)

Dealing with injuries are far from fun, and my recent experience with ITBS was no different. I wasn’t able to do something I love and suffered a lot of FOMO watching all my friends organize their weekend mornings runs knowing I wouldn’t be able to keep up.

But more than that, it left me feeling pretty lame. I felt weak. I wondered why everyone else seemed to be going off on long runs weeks after the marathon with little to no problem and why I couldn’t do the same. In my worst moments, I was a crazed hypochondriac and Googled all the reasons why my muscles might not be healing.  

The truth is, ITBS just takes a long time. Even if you’re doing everything right. And what I came to realize was that I actually wasn’t weak. And I wasn’t falling short of my goals.

In a lot of ways, I was still on track. In fact, I was going to end up being a better runner in the end. I was doing strength exercises to help build some consistency. I kept my heart rate up with cross training. I was cleaning up my diet. And really focusing on building recovery habits, like stretching, hydrating and foam rolling. I actually think I’ll keep a lot of the habits I picked up during this time and make them a part of my regular routine.

Of course, I’m still really looking forward to getting back to running.


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