Back at it


So, getting back to running is hard.

I tried my best to stay in shape with cross training, but nothing’s quite the same as running. (Plus, I tend to get little lazy when machines are involved.) With a successful 3 miles under my belt, I decided to take it up to 5 a few days later (with some cross training in between to give my knees a break). By the last mile, my knee was talking to me, but the pain didn’t linger.

I had originally planned on running a half marathon that weekend, but I knew I just wasn’t ready for it. Another week, sure. But I didn’t have another week. Sitting out the race kinda sucked, but I was confident I had made the right decision. It wasn’t worth a step backward.

Instead of the race, I set out to try 6 miles. After a walk-run warm up, I got going. There was pain, but it kept moving. Whenever it would start, I would focus on a different body part and the pain would fade. I figured since it kept moving instead of lingering in my left knee that I was good to keep going. I ended up with 8 miles, and even topped off the last one under 9 minutes.

I can’t remember the last time 8 miles felt so tough, but I didn’t even care. My heart rate was crazy high. But whatever. It was a huge step forward.



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