Back to racing


On Saturday, I ran my first race since the marathon. My knee was finally better, and I was feeling strong. I knew I was ready for it. Besides, this race was pretty casual, about as noncompetitive as it gets. It was the Bayou City Classic, a 10k and 5k that benefits the Houston Park Board. No medals, just a great course, post-party and fun.

And even though I knew there was no pressure, I started to feel it as I pulled into the parking lot on that dark morning. I was nervous. Why do I do think to myself? I thought. I could be at home, in bed, sleeping in, then running on my own. No pressure. No stress. Why do I do this?

As I chatted with a few friends waiting for the race to start, my nerves subsided…a little. The gun went off. I crossed the starting line and took off. I was shooting for an 8:30 pace. I didn’t want to risk hurting my knee again, and my lungs still weren’t as strong as they used to be.

The miles went by without much struggle. 8:34, 8:35, 8:32. I kept waiting to get that feeling of dread, when it all hurts and you wonder how the finish line isn’t closer, but it never came. I was exceeding my expectations. 8:24, 8:26, 7:29.

And that’s why I do this. It’s not the really about the time. Or the medals. It’s for that feeling when you surprise yourself. When you do something you weren’t 100% sure you could. That feeling is always what I’m racing toward.  


2 thoughts on “Back to racing

  1. Love this! You are really flippin’ fast, I had no idea.

    It’s funny because I have a 95% written post I did on Wednesday about “why I DIY.” I think it’s so important to constantly check in with ourselves about the goals and dreams we have to make sure that we’re not still working toward something on autopilot.

    Great post! Missing you and racing right now a lot. 😥

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