Treadmill tips, anyone? Anyone?


Last week, I woke up early to rain, thunder and so. Much. lighting. Pretty much constant. I knew running outside was not an option. But I had 7 miles that I had to get in before we headed out of town. So I opted for the treadmill.

Historically, I, like most runners, have hated the treadmill, but it had been awhile since I had attempted it. I was optimistic that maybe it’d be better this time. And for the first 3 miles it was, thanks to an episode of Broad City I watched on my phone.


But the rest of the run was a struggle. It’s like the treadmill sucks up all your endorphins. All I can think about is the struggle. And my thoughts about running on the treadmill were pretty much: 



A few days later, I decided to try a track workout on the treadmill. Since that’s already broken up, it might not be so bad. Nope. Still sucked.
Anyone have any tips for running on the treadmill? I’m determined to hate it a little less.


One thought on “Treadmill tips, anyone? Anyone?

  1. Urg, I feel your pain on the treadmill! What I tend to do is play a game. Such as every minute that passes I go up a speed/or a gradient. Then when I reach my peak I drop down a speed each minute. It helps the time pass!


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