Backyard races


On Thursday I participated in the Sun & Ski Flash Mob race. This was the third installment in a series of cross country or backyard style races.

I love this style of race. It has all the benefits, but minus a lot of the negatives. You’re challenged to push yourself, but it’s a pretty casual affair. No bibs, no tracking aside from your own Garmin.

With this particular race, they announced the location a few days before, to keep with the flash mob theme. None of us knew the course ahead of time, which kept us guessing.

After the race, we gathered for beers and raffle prizes. The race winners even received new shoes. Had I known that I would have run a little faster. 🙂

Oh, and did I mention the races are free? Yep, it’s a pretty good deal, all in all.

While the flash mob series has come to a close, a new and pretty similar series is starting. This Thursday will kick off the Tour de Bayou, a series of four races near Houston’s White Oak Bayou. You can bet I’ve got it on my calendar.   


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