How many days a week do you run?

How many days a week do you run? For me, this changes. I’m not an everyday runner. There are just too many other activities I want to do: biking, yoga, strength training, etc.

During my training for the 2016 Houston Marathon, I ran 5 days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday). The schedule called for 6, but I swapped a recovery run on Sundays for a bike ride and/or yoga. The idea of even a slow run when my legs are still aching from those 20 ish-milers is just too much for me.

These days, I’m just doing the occasional race for fun. Nothing I’m very serious about. So I’m running 3 days a week: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. On Wednesday I spend about 30 minutes on the elliptical. And then strength training and yoga the other days. Friday is my rest day.

I think it’s tricky to know what’s best for you. During marathon training I saw a real increase in speed and I think running so often helped with that. But it’s hard for me to sustain that all year long.

So what works for you? Do you run every day? Do you swap with cross training? And how did you figure out it was best for you?


6 thoughts on “How many days a week do you run?

  1. Individualized training is the way to go, for sure! Coming right off of 4 years of collegiate running, I ran 6 days a week during the base and build stages of my marathon training, then transitioned into running 5 days a week and cross training one day for the rest of my build and into my taper. During the taper, I ran 4 days a week, cross trained for 2. I performed strength training in progressive cycles, twice a week throughout all of my training except for the taper. I also did yoga on my day off (Sundays) throughout all of my training. I raced the Myrtle Beach Marathon on March 5th of this year and completed a 20-week training prior.

    I think it’s important to listen to your body throughout your training and do what feels good. This worked very well for me and I was able to stay injury free and meet my marathon goal. The best part about creating your own plan or working with someone who can create an individualized training plan for you is that you can always change and modify it from week to week or race to race, etc. I think the best way to figure out what is best, is to simply listen to your body and don’t get caught thinking that there is one right way to train. Every runner is different and you will learn over time! 🙂 Best of luck! 🙂

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