Race recap: Brazos Bend 25k



On Saturday, I did my first ever official trail race, the Brazos Bend 50. Well, I did the 25k, a lot less than 50 miles.

But it was still my longest run since the Houston Marathon, back in January. For my training, I simply added a mile each week to my Saturday long run and was able to make it up to 13 miles in time for the race. I would have like to have done a little more, but you know, life.

I loved the race and was happy with how I did, but it was certainly harder than I had anticipated. The challenge with this particular race is that it’s flat, so you’re tempted to run it like a road race. But it’s still a trail run. Also, it’s in a swamp (full of alligators!), so add in some 96% humidity.

And while it was difficult, it was still a lot of fun. The race was very well planned and well marked. The aid stations were great and had everything from water, ice and Gatorade to pretzels, pickles and salt tablets. I opted for watermelon and orange slices.

The atmosphere was great too. Lots of people were going for their longest run yet. The race also offered a 50 mile distance, a 50k distance and a 10k. Entire families with little kids came out for the 50k. One runner ran with a tire chained to him for 50 miles. And a 79-year old man completed the 25k, his second trail race.

All the races overlap, so we passed runners most of the way. I loved the friendly, laid-back attitude. The shouts of encouragement from other runners (both friends and strangers) as we passed made the run go by more quickly.

The park is about an hour outside of Houston, so I had to leave my house at 5:30 a.m. But regardless it was a great way to spend the morning.



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