Hill training and a healthy dinner recipe

Hills aren’t really my strong suite. There aren’t many of them in Houston, so you have to go out of your way to get a good hill workout in.

There’s a spot in town where the road loops four times, forming a clover leaf. It offers a decent gradual change in elevation. Each year, the run club I belong to hosts a clover leaf fun run. You can quit whenever you want, but the goal is to run a half marathon.


Of course, there are little challenges throughout the race too. At one point you have to run to the center and frantically search through a kiddie pool filled with bouncy balls for the one that has your bib number on it. At the end you have to run to the center, grab a book, find the page that matches your bib number and tear it out. You know, like the Barkley Marathon. Because Houston’s clover leaf is pretty much the hills of Tennessee.


On Saturday, I ran the route with a friend and the miles flew by. We felt no need to push it. 14 laps around the same route and hills no less is a tough enough workout. So we just ran and talked and before we knew it we were done. (My thighs told me it was a little more challenging than that afterward.)

The next day, called for a recovery workout. An hour on the stationary bike spent listening to this, followed by some yoga.

For dinner Sunday night, I made one of my favorite new fish dishes. It’s red snapper with a strawberry avocado salsa. The recipe says to grill the snapper, but we had some pretty rough thunderstorms on Sunday so I cooked it in the oven instead. (Heat the oven to 450. Cover a baking sheet in foil. Add a little bit of olive oil, then put down the fish fillets. Season with salt and pepper. Cook for 15-20 min.) Then you just top it off with some of the salsa. Easy, healthy delicious dinner.

I devoured the fish before I could get a picture, but here’s the salsa:


For dessert, we finished things off with raw peach cobbler. (The recipe calls for fresh peaches, but I used canned – two cans, actually – this time to make things easier.) No sugar, no flour. Just nuts, dates and fruit. Somehow it’s still just as delicious.



One thought on “Hill training and a healthy dinner recipe

  1. I’ll have to try those recipes, they sound reallyreally good.

    Back in Houston, when Mark was training for hills, he’d run up and down a specific parking garage for miles. Hah!


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