Chicago Marathon training


A few weeks ago I found out I got into the Chicago Marathon! It’s a lottery. Nothing you have to qualify for, but it felt like an accomplishment nonetheless.

I’m really excited for this race. Since I’m from Illinois, the Chicago Marathon has always been the biggest race to me. (No offense, Boston.)

And now training has officially begun. It’s going to be tough. The race is in early October. So I’ll have my longest training runs in August/September, when the Houston humidity and heat can be pretty unbearable. But I’m just telling myself that it’ll make me a better runner.

I’m using a training plan provided by my run club. It’s the same one I used for Houston 2015. But this time I’m focusing more on strength training, cross training and yoga. And trying to make more time for stretching and foam rolling. You would think that would be the be the easiest part but I just tend to forget or prefer to relax on my couch. Anyone else struggle with this?

Anyway, here’s what a typical week looks for me run-wise:

Monday: 3 easy miles

Tuesday: Track (About 3 or 4 miles of speed work)

Wednesday: 3 easy miles

Thursday: Hills (3 miles give or take a few)

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Long run

Sunday: The schedule calls for 3 recovery miles, but I don’t even like the idea of running the day after my long run, so I opt for a bike ride and/or yoga


I haven’t really settled on a time goal for the marathon yet. Right now I’d really just love to get through it and end up stronger, faster and injury-free.

Have any of you run the Chicago Marathon? Any advice or tips? I’d love to hear them!  



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